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Utility Vegetation Management

Right of Way (ROW) management services for electrical and gas transmission and distribution are a specialization of Forester’s Co-Op. Within our clients service territories there is a rich diversity of habitat, wildlife, and customers that are within close proximity to facilities and access routes to facilities, which requires a dynamic approach to land management.


FCO provides professional service contracting in the form of Registered Professional Foresters, Tree Risk Certified Arborists, GIS  Analysts, and Forestry Technicians with specific skill sets to ensure that the facilities of our utility clients are maintained from a vegetative perspective and are accessible for operations or maintenance. The FCO Utility Team aids to ensure that these lands are managed in a manner that is conducive to employee and customer safety in conjunction with our clients operational/maintenance objectives. This is all done while first considering environmental sensitivities associated with the facility's location and upholding our clients commitment in being an environmental leader in the utility industry.


FCO uses the very best technology, science, and an adaptive management approach to ensure that lands are managed appropriately and responsibly at every facility across our clients service territories. Here at FCO, we offer permitting, vegetation inventory, vegetation removal administration, vegetation database management, and other critical functions for utility companies.

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