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As a forestry consulting company, we offer a range of services in forestry, agriculture, natural resource management and GIS services. Our services are designed to meet the changing needs of your project.


Our team of experts provides comprehensive forest management services, including timber sales, forest inventory, forest planning, and wildlife habitat management.


We offer wildfire management services such as wildfire risk assessment, prescribed fire planning, and post-fire restoration.


Right of Way (ROW) management services for electrical and gas transmission and distribution are a specialization of Forester’s Co-Op.


Our team specializes in natural resource management services such as land use planning, environmental impact assessment, and conservation planning.


We offer project planning services such as feasibility studies, project design, and implementation planning.


We provide services in GIS such as drone mapping, remote sensing analysis, risk mapping, and utility support.

“Forestry is not a one-man job. It takes a team to plant, nurture, grow, and harvest a forest.” 

Tom Amesbury

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