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Professional Forestry Services

Professional Forestry

Foresters Co-Op currently manages over 5,000 acres of private Non-Industrial forestland throughout Nevada, Sierra, Plumas, Yuba and Placer Counties. Sustainable, Long-term forest management has been the staple of our company since its inception in 1999. 


Our suite of Professional Foresters provide the very best in Professional Forestry services to a wide variety of clients including Non-Industrial forestland owners, Industrial timber companies, Nonprofits and government agencies alike to provide environmentally responsible and economically sound management options. 


Forester’s Co-Op specializes in Timber Harvest Plan (THP) and Non-Industrial Timber Management Plan (NTMP) preparation services in accordance with California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CALFIRE) and California Forest Practice Rules standards. Our clients also rely on us for California Forest Improvement Program (CFIP) projects. From project inception to completion, we offer a full suite of professional forestry services, including forest inventory, timber marking, fire prevention planning, pest control, and timber sale layout and administration.


Foresters Co-Op goes above and beyond for our clients providing cradle to grave project planning and administration for your Forestry projects needs, goals and objectives.

Water Quality Services

Forester’s Co-Op can help your cannabis cultivation operation get permitting, licensing, and stay compliant. The qualified and licensed Foresters and GIS Analysts at Forester’s Co-Op have extensive experience in environmental permitting, watershed management, timber harvesting, and fuels reduction operations, and we are happy to use this experience to suit the needs of your legal cannabis farm. 


Forester’s Co-Op assists with cannabis cultivation compliance and licensing on a state and local level. We offer the following services to assist with the application process:

  • Timber Harvest Plan/Conversion Permit (THP/TCP) or Less Than 3 Acre Conversion Exemption permitting and implementation

  • Waste Discharge Program enrollment through the Regional Water Quality Control Board

  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife 1600 Permit preparation. 


Other services offered by Forester’s Co-Op that may be applicable to your cannabis cultivation operation or surrounding wildlands include wildfire risk assessment and Defensible Space/fuels reduction permitting and implementation, professional grade GPS, GIS, and mapping services, forest health and resource conservation cost-share program enrollment, and forest inventory and timber value appraisal. Call Forester’s Co-Op today to discuss how our services can benefit your cannabis farm.

California Carbon Credit Verification

Forester’s Co-Op recognizes the importance of off-setting environmental impacts through the storage and sequestration of Carbon in a forested setting. Putting one's forestland into the carbon credit market is a good option for private landowners who wish to maintain and safeguard their forested landscape and generate an economically feasible return. 


Forester's Co-Op has completed many Carbon Credit Verification projects across the country in compliance with the California Air Resource Board (CA ARB) standards for trade on the California carbon market. We work with a variety of clients to verify existing carbon projects with integrity and professionalism.

Professional Forestry
Water Quality Services
California Carbon Credit Verification
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