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GIS & Drone Services

Since 1999, Forester’s Co-Op (FCO) has been providing professional forestry and technical geographic information services (GIS) throughout California and beyond.  Our expertise relies on the process of field collection of relevant natural resource data utilizing the latest technological tools and equipment, including: ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, ArcGIS Online, Webapp Builder, and the Field Maps and Survey 123 applications. Utilizing this foundation of quality-controlled field data we then deliver economical and efficient solutions for our client’s complex land and vegetation management objectives.

Explore Our Past Projects

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Our GIS experts use the most up-to-date technology in the GIS space to provide you with the very best final product. We provide an array of services, including:

  • Property mapping

  • Timber harvest planning cartographic support

  • ESRI Mobile application configuration, administration, and support for field users

  • ArcGIS Online integration

  • Database creation and management

Drone/UAV Services

In order to maintain our leadership in natural resource data collection Forester’s Co-Op is now offering the latest in drove/UAV mapping and data collection technology.  FCO has recently acquired a DJI Matrice 300 RTK UAV equipped with a 5-band multi-spectral sensor and two different high-resolution photogrammetry cameras suited to meet all of our client’s diverse natural resource management objectives. Contact us today - we will collaborate with you to plan every aspect of the mission, from pre-flight to tailoring our post-processing, helping you accomplish your natural resource goals.


Our Services

  • Aerial Mapping

  • Tree or crop health monitoring

  • Harvest operations monitoring

  • 3D modeling of structures

  • Volumetric measurements

  • Terrain measurements

  • Land Cover Classification

  • Extended daily flight time

       available with prior planning

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