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Project Management

a forestry project near utility service lines

Our specialized project management services at Forester's Co-Op are tailored to meet the unique demands of forestry and natural resource management projects. By integrating ecological principles with strategic planning, we ensure that every project not only achieves its goals but also contributes positively to environmental stewardship.

Key Services:

  1. Eco-Centric Planning: We begin with a deep understanding of the ecological impact of each project, aligning goals with sustainable practices. This involves meticulous planning in resource utilization, habitat conservation, and adherence to environmental regulations.

  2. Stakeholder and Community Engagement: Recognizing the importance of local ecosystems and communities, we engage closely with stakeholders, including local authorities, environmental groups, and indigenous communities, ensuring that projects are beneficial and respectful to all parties involved.

  3. Sustainable Resource Management: Central to our approach is the sustainable management of natural resources. Whether it's timber harvesting, wildlife management, or land use planning, we employ practices that prioritize long-term ecological balance.

  4. Risk Management in Natural Settings: We address unique risks inherent in forestry and natural resource management, such as wildfire risks, pest infestations, and climate change impacts, employing advanced strategies to mitigate these challenges.

  5. Budget Oversight with Environmental Accountability: Our financial management not only focuses on cost-effectiveness but also considers the environmental value. We strive for solutions that offer economic viability without compromising the environment.

  6. Impact Assessment and Adaptation: Post-project, we conduct thorough impact assessments to evaluate ecological outcomes. This reflective practice ensures continuous improvement and adaptation of our methods for future sustainability.


Our team of project managers is adept in blending traditional project management disciplines with the nuances of forestry and natural resource management. We are committed to delivering projects that are not just successful in their objectives but also pioneers in promoting environmental health and sustainability. Whether it's a reforestation initiative, a wildlife conservation project, or a land-use planning endeavor, our project management services are your partners in achieving a greener future.

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