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Fire Prevention Planning

The Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) is growing in California. Population and housing developments are expanding into California forests. Forester’s Co-Op offers “Fire Safe/Wise” solutions for planned WUI community developments. Our natural resource management expertise, melded with the collaboration with county agencies, developers, and the California Department of Forestry has evolved into the creation of the “Forest Conservation Plan”. A long-term forest management plan aids developers in addressing issues such as initial fuel reduction requirements and prescribed treatments, fuel modification zones, defensible space requirements, intermediate fuels maintenance and fire prevention practices. These plans also include emergency preparation and evacuation plans in the event of a fire. We believe in creating a fire safe, sustainable forest community where people live, work, and play with due respect given to the natural forest ecology of their forest surroundings.

Typical services include:

Visit our projects page to view examples of our work products.