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California is blessed with an abundant and diverse biomass resource that can provide a renewable raw material for emerging bio-based manufacturing industries throughout the state. Biomass resources such as small trees, brush, orchard pruning, straw, ect. derived from forests and agricultural management practices are neglected as waste and remain underutilized. Economic, political, conflicting regulatory, environmental, technological, and infrastructure barriers have and continue to restrict investments. Our clients, from a wide array of backgrounds, hire us for our renewable energy expertise to resolve these barriers and provide solutions for many critical public issues such as: wildfire disasters, health (air, water, and environmental quality), economic prosperity, and energy demand. At Forester’s Co-Op we believe that sustainable renewable products and energy production will be a cornerstone for building a healthy and prosperous future for the country.

Clients benefit from a variety of products such as:

  • Biomass Feedstock Inventories and Cost Assessments
  • Biomass Procurement Contracts
  • Feedstock Storage and Handling Systems
  • Comparative Cost Analysis between Biobased systems and Traditional Energy Systems
  • GIS modeling
  • Renewable Energy Project Management

Sample Projects:

  • Forester’s Co-Op managed the creation and development of an eleven member public/private biomass energy collaborative.
  • A grassroots effort called Biomass-to-Ethanol Facilitation Analysis (BEFA) to attract ethanol manufacturing to the central Sierra Nevada Region.
  • Biomass Feedstock Assessment GIS Modeling
  • Wood Energy cost comparisons

Visit our projects page to view examples of our work products.