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Forester’s Co-Op provides sustained yield forest resource management services throughout the State of California in the following areas.

Forestry Sector Carbon Offset Services
Forester’s Co-Op offers Forest Carbon Offset project development and project verification. Click above link for details.
Forest and Natural Resource Management
Forester’s Co-Op offers the forest landowners of California the tools they need to manage their timberlands to meet their objectives. Click above link for details.
Wildfire Risk Assessment
Wildfire is an ever clear and present danger for communities that lie within California’s abundant Forest and chaparral ecosystems. Forester’s Co-Op offers risk analysis and fire prevention solutions for projects within these dynamic fire prone ecosystems. Click above link for details.
Geographic Information Systems
Forester’s Co-Op offers GPS and mapping of forest resource features. Click above link for details.
Fire Prevention Planning
Forester’s Co-Op offers “Fire Safe/Wise solutions for planned WUI community developments. Click above link for details
Biomass-to-Energy Services
Forester’s Co-Op believes that sustainable renewable products and energy production will be a cornerstone for building a healthy and prosperous future for the Country. Click above link for details.
Vegetation Management Services
Forester’s Co-Op specializes in simultaneously GPS surveying and applying herbicides to undesirable vegetation to meet control or eradication objectives.