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Vegetation Management Services

Our licensed and trained personnel offer extensive Vegetation Management Services ranging from fire and fuel reduction projects, Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM), to noxious weed identification, survey, and eradication. We specialize in simultaneously GPS surveying and applying herbicides to undesirable vegetation to meet control or suppression objectives as well as developing and implementing an IVM plan that meets the client’s long term vegetation management goals. Our company’s comprehensive GPS/GIS database in conjunction with our site specific survey protocol allows for annual monitoring, herbicide use and performance, and future predictive modeling to evaluate program effectiveness. Coupling our GIS services with on-the-ground herbicide application offers the client a highly accountable vegetation management solution at substantial cost savings over other methods.

Our licenses and certifications include:

  • Registered Professional Forester (RPF)
  • International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist
  • CA Dept of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) Qualified Applicators License (QAL)
  • CA DPR Pest Control Business Main License and applicable county licenses

Noxious Weed Abatement
Noxious or Invasive Weeds are plants that grow aggressively, spread quickly, and out-compete native and other desirable plants. They produce enormous amounts of seed, have spreading root systems, and lack natural predators. This enables them to dominate entire landscapes, and by doing so they obstruct production of natural habitat and can increase fire hazard.

As a licensed applicator Forester’s Co-Op has chemically and mechanically treated, surveyed, as well as monitored through GPS/GIS tracking thousands of acres invaded by noxious weeds throughout California. Large landowners, small homeowners, county agriculture departments, state and federal agencies, as well as private businesses have come to us for reliable solutions to this growing environmental problem.

Tree Growth Regulators
A squaw weed treat thumbTree Growth Regulator (TGR) is a chemical that reduces the growth of trees and by doing so allows carbohydrate to be available for fighting disease, insects, as well as environmental conditions such as drought and pollutions. Generally, the leaves of treated trees have a more dense appearance and a darker color green with increased root growth. The chemical is applied by injecting the soil around the tree’s base and poses no adverse effects to humans, animals, or the environment.

Tree Growth Regulators are becoming a hot topic amongst vegetation managers, especially when dealing with on-going vegetation management programs such as utility or power-line maintenance projects in the expanding urban setting. Forester’s Co-Op offers the unique service of simultaneously surveying, treating, and spatially tracking TGR applications throughout utility ROW’s over both small and large ownerships.

Visit our projects page to view examples of our work products.