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Geographic Information Services

Forester’s Co-Op implements an advanced GIS/GPS system with a wide range of hardware and software.  Depending on our clients’ needs, we can achieve sub-meter accuracy with our Trimble units or quickly record asset or resource locations with our smartphones.  We utilize ESRI ArcGIS 10 software which allows for integration with assortment of data including AutoCad files, raster data sets, as well as vector points, polygons, and lines.  This system is complimented by our in-house printing capabilities and/or digital file delivery system.  Our clients’ data is stored on a secure in-office server.

A profile of our GIS/GPS capabilities is summarized in the table below:

Field Data Recorder & Software


Trimble GeoXH with Zephyr or Hurricane antenna


(and Pathfinder)

  • Industry standard
  • Sub-meter accuracy
  • Differential correction
  • Windows Mobile Office applications
F4 Tech Flint & ArcPad
  • Superb reception under canopy
  • Tracks satellites quickly
  • Easily interfaces back and forth with ArcMap
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Built in camera with geo-referencing
  • Expandable data storage
  • Long battery life
  • Windows Mobile Office applications
Apple iPad & GISPro
  • Simple and fast to cache imagery straight from Google Maps for offline use
  • Incorporate any WMS server over cell phone data network and cache data for offline use
  • Import and export shapefiles or rasters via direct connection to office server
  • Easily manipulate and turn on/off multiple layers
  • Easily edit shapefiles in field and email them to clients over cell phone network as zipped files
  • Easily create data dictionaries and email them between crew members
  • Geo-referenced high-quality photos

Typical services include:

  • Custom geo-referenced PDF maps clients can use offline on their smartphones with GPS location utilizing the Avenza PDF Maps app
  • Our Remote Sensing Lab abilities now include high resolution spectral imagery forest mapping in conjunction with satellite data such as Landsat – Contact us to learn more!
  • Natural Resource GIS database modeling Projects
  • GPS and mapping of forest resource features
  • Custom mapping to landowner specifications and custom field maps
  • Integration of aerial photography and GPS features
  • Spatial Analysis and fire modeling projects integrated with FlamMap and Farsite software
  • Innovative geographic marketing technologies for the consumer finance industry
  • Aerial Photography Data with free GIS viewer software

NEW! GIS Interactive Map Products! Forester’s Co-Op now offer’s interactive Maps for use online. Each map can be customized to the Geographic Information and Data you wish to display or market. If you are interested in trying out one of our interactive maps, click on the map to the left.

Visit our projects page to view examples of our Geographic Information Services.