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Forestry Sector Carbon Offset Services

Forester’s Co-Op can offer expertise in a suite of Forest Carbon Project services.  We are proficient in providing support for project development and technical assistance for the CA Air Resources Board (ARB)Climate Action Reserve (CAR), American Carbon Registry (ACR), and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Forest Carbon and Urban Forest Carbon Protocols as well as project verification for ARB and CAR projects.  See our Forest Carbon Project FAQ for an overview of the voluntary and regulatory forest carbon sectors.

Please see our projects page for a description of past carbon projects for which we have contributed, including the largest ARB-registered Improved Forest Management Carbon Project and a 75,000 acre REDD Avoided Deforestation Project in Kenya.  A summary flyer of our services and expertise can be found here.

Our team of experts provides a vast array of quality technical services for forest projects including:

  • Project feasibility assessment
  • Project Validation & Verification
  • Pre-Verification
  • Forest Carbon Inventory Development
  • Forestry Project Baseline Comparative Analysis
  • Remote Sensing Temporal Monitoring of Forest Change
  • GIS Stratification & Mapping
  • Forest Growth and Yield Modeling
  • NEPA/CEQA Compliance Vegetation GHG Analysis

For service proposals please contact us at info@forco-op.com or 530-273-8326.

Our Principal Forester, Tom, and Project Management Forester, Andrea, are accredited CA Air Resources Board Offset Verifiers for the Compliance Offset Program. The program’s mission is to encourage the reduction in California Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) per AB 32*.  An video regarding the CA ARB Compliance Offset Program and description of project components can be found here. We continue our efforts for improving forestland through the carbon market.

With knowledge of multiple offset protocols, you may have some questions about your potential project; please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific site.  CAR has issued this FAQ discussing the differences between the CAR and ARB protocols and transitioning projects from CAR to ARB.  Take a moment to review a few of our current and past projects and photos.

Applicable projects supported by Forester’s Co-Op:

Forester’s Co-Op has teamed with Ruby Canyon Engineering  to provide verification services for CA ARB, CAR, ACR, and VCS forest carbon projects with ANSI certification**.  Our combined expertise offers a full suite of services including forestry project development, verification and carbon management for both domestic and international projects. Measuring, reporting and verifying a forest’s capacity to sequester carbon requires specialized technical expertise to ensure the successful implementation of the project.

Through this partnership Forester’s Co-Op we provide independent third party verification and project development services for registration of forest carbon offset projects. Our services are designed to meet the highest level of forest GHG offset protocol rigor for CO2 reductions for the purposes of registering the projects with appropriate registry. We use the most reliable sampling and forest data collection methods available that adhere to the applicable protocols.

To learn more information about our Forestry Carbon Offset Verification and Project Development services, please contact our forestry staff at info@forco-op.com or by calling 530-273-8326. The registration of your forestry projects for GHG offsets will provide you with an additional revenue stream for the continued stewardship of your forest resources.



* AB32 is aimed at reducing GHG emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 – a reduction of about 25 percent, and then an 80 percent reduction below 1990 by 2050. **The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has served in its capacity as administrator and coordinator of the United States private sector voluntary standardization system for more than 90 years.