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Tahoe Regional Biomass Availability Map

A Western Governors Association Biomass Utilization project was implemented by the Tom Amesbury of the Forester’s Co-Op and Dr. Tom Harris of the University Nevada, Reno Project results were shared with the public at a Tahoe Biomass Workshop sponsored by the Sierra Economic Development District (SEDD) held at Kings Beach, California on June 1, 2007. A project abstract is as follows:

“Woody biomass utilization and rural economies have changed dramatically in the Sierra Nevada region during the past fifteen years. Reductions in timber and biomass harvest on public and private forestlands have resulted in business closures, and relatively high rates of unemployment, and loss of regional infrastructure required to conduct fuels reduction practices.

Woody biomass is abundant throughout the Sierra Nevada in the form of hazardous forest fire fuel. By increasing the use of this under utilized renewable fuel resource, we can provide a fuel source for future energy requirements and increase employment.”

View the Tahoe region available Biomass fuel sources interactive map.