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PG&E Deer Creek Forebay Timber Mgmt Unit “Pilot” Carbon Sequestration Project

deer creek thumbIn the Fall of 2009, PG&E committed to conserving approximately 52,000 acres of productive forestland within the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountains under the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) Forest Project Protocol (FPP) Version 3.1.  The goals of such projects are to quantify and certify the forest ability to sequester CO2, a known green house gas, over a 100 year period. Once a forest project is accepted for submittal to CAR and verified by a third party entity, the forest landowner may take the Carbon Reserve Tons (CRT’s) to market. Here companies, polluters, or whoever can purchase CRTs to help mitigate for and offset their carbon “footprint”.

A carbon project can be an additional tool in meeting a company’s forest management objectives while also providing valuable ecological services.   The specific goals of this project were to:

1. Establish a 2009 carbon field inventory, with the purpose to measure and report
on all required/optional carbon pools as per FPP Version 3.1.
2. Outline applicable forest activities the project would qualify under CAR (i.e.
Improved Forest Management, Reforestation, Avoided Conversion).
3. Create two 100 year growth and harvest models of carbon stocks based on eligible
forest activities.
4. Outline the “cradle to grave” process of taken a forest carbon project from
inception, submittal, to verification.

Forester’s Co-Op was hired to perform these tasks in order to create a successful pilot program of 317 acres at Deer Creek Forebay.  FCO field inventoried the Standing Live Tree, Shrub and Herbacious Understory, Standing Dead Tree, Lying Dead Tree, and Litter and Duff carbon pools.  Upon performing carbon calculations including 100-year modeling for standing live trees and comparing to baseline conditions, we were able to outline a sustainable forest management schedule for the project.