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Forester’s Co-Op specializes in the development and implementation of an Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) Plan targeted toward projects such as utility transmission/gas line Right-Of-Ways (ROW), private and public transportation ROW, as well as future and existing development projects. Clients use our IVM Plans to understand, justify, choose among, selectively apply, and monitor different types of treatments, with an overall goal of outlining site-specific, ecosystem-sensitive, economically sensible, and socially responsible treatment effects that lead to site specific management objectives.

Forester’s Co-Ops utilizes a six-step framework in the development and implementation of a client’s IVM Plan. This approach includes understanding ecosystem dynamics, gathering treatment options, accounting for economic and environmental effects of these treatment options, identifying site specific management goals and objectives, and finally taking an adaptive management approach that include timely monitoring and periodic re-evaluation of management practices. Keeping an open line of communication with agencies such as the County Agriculture Commission, CPUC, BLM, U.S. Forest Service, and CAL FIRE helps facilitate the successful implementation of our client’s goals and objectives for long term sustainability.

Click here to download a sample IVM Plan.