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Forest Loss Assessment and
Reforestation Plan

The¬†Forest Loss Assessment and Reforestation Plan is designed to guide landowners in future reforestation practices. These practices are driven by a planting site matrix, developed to prioritize areas where reforestation is needed. To attain the goals of these plans we developed a set of specific objectives that has guided in the creation of our client’s site specific management objectives.

  • Assess the impacts of forest loss and tree mortality within the project.
  • Discuss the Forest Management Practices and how they relate to proposed reforestation practices.
  • Create a Forest Regeneration Plan driven by a prioritized planting site matrix.
  • Implement and provide for both artificial and natural reforestation practices.
  • Design site preparation and herbicide application practices to insure seedling survival and release.
  • Plan for future forest plantation maintenance practices.

As designed, this Reforestation Plan stipulates the requirements and recommendations needed to comply with agencies such as County Land Use Services Department / Current Planning Division as well as the State of California’s Forest Practice Rules. Once implemented and maintained over time this Plan provides the guidance for active reforestation practices to be conducted annually to reestablish a healthy forest environment keeping in mind landowners goals and objectives.

Click here to see an outline of a Forest Loss Assessment and Reforestation Plan.