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CFIP Projects

CAL FIRE offers a cost-share program aimed at fuels reduction on small properties called the California Forest Improvement Program.  FCO has administered a number of these projects that can be applied to properties from 20-5,000 acres.  We have been working hard to write management plans and implement treatments on multiple CFIP projects in Nevada and Sierra Counties.  These projects involve a CALFIRE subsidy for small landowners to do fuels reduction work on their properties, such as brush mastication, tree pruning, and forest thinning.  We can report that the average subsidy of up to $50,000 for a landowner is usually 50-70%!  A Registered Professional Forester (RPF) is required to participate in the CFIP program.  More information on the CFIP program can be found on CALFIRE’s website here.  Please see an attached flyer here.

Typical treatments performed under CFIP include:

  • Fuel-reduction mastication and brush removal
  • Small tree removal for fire hazard reduction
  • Follow-up treatments (including herbicide) to
  • Reduce brush and weed growth
  • Tree planting and burn restoration
  • Tree pruning
  • Forest restoration following significant damage

Check out this photo after of a local CFIP project.  (Imagine that there was solid 15 ft manzanita!)