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Vegetation GHG Sequestration Inventory and Analysis for CEQA/NEPA Compliance

kaiser thumbnailForester’s Co-Op performed a GHG sequestration inventory and analysis to the CAR Forest Project Protocol 3.0 standard for vegetation and oak woodland restoration for overburden storage (quarry waste) within the East Materials Storage Area (EMSA) of the Hanson Permanente Quarry in Cupertino, CA.  The purpose was to provide the Greenhouse Gas (CO2) sequestration inventory results for the 53.8 acres proposed, secondly to predict and document the post 10 year CO2 sequestration for the assumed successful re-vegetative EMSA restoration plans drafted by WRA Environmental Consultants, Inc.  These analyses were performed in order to comply with CEQA/NEPA regulations for re-vegetating converted areas.  Vegetation and tree data was collected in the field and the area was stratified into carbon pools to estimate post 10-year restoration CO2 sequestration for the EMSA re-vegetation plan.