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CA ARB Compliance US Forest Carbon Inventory:

In September 2014, the White Mountain Apache Tribe Forest Carbon Project began the verification phase.  FCO has been collaborating with EKO Asset Management Partners, Spatial Informatics Group, the Tribe, and BIA to develop a large Improved Forest Management Compliance Offset Project for carbon sequestration of actively managed timberland.  Project listing can be found here.  As of June 2015, the project is fully verified and has been issued the largest set of offset credits of any domestic forest carbon project.  This results in the largest climate benefit from any single domestic forest carbon project.

This project is incorporated into the CA ARB Compliance Offset Program.  The following is a selective excerpt from the project introduction of the Offset Project Data Report:

The White Mountain Apache Tribe Forest carbon project is a collaborative effort between the White Mountain Apache Tribe, EKO Asset Management Partners, Spatial Informatics Group, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), and Forester’s Co-Op. The White Mountain Apache Tribe is the forest owner and Offset Project Operator (OPO).

The Project Area consists of 89,396.5 acres of the 1.68 million acre Fort Apache Indian Reservation in eastern Arizona. The Project Area includes ponderosa pine, mixed conifer, aspen, and spruce-fir forest type and spans nine Timber Management Units. The Project Area and surrounding Reservation land is a critical watershed for the state of Arizona and provides important habitat for wildlife, including elk, Mexican Spotted Owl, loach minnow and Apache trout, among others.

The Fort Apache Indian Reservation’s forest ecosystem has a significant cultural, economic, recreational, and scenic value to the White Mountain Apache Tribe. The Tribe’s close connection with the natural resources can be best summarized by the following:

“Today on this reservation, Fort Apache, we are really thankful that we are blessed with one of the most beautiful lands in the southwest area. Our highest peak is almost 11,500 feet. It is called Mount Baldy. Our lowest is almost 2,000 feet down in the Salt River Canyon…We have so many things on this reservation – our land, timber, woodland, is a multi-use out there. We have a cattle industry, we have skiing, we have timber, logging, fishing, camping; we have a number of lakes, streams.”
– Charmain Dallas Massey, Sr., Welcoming remarks to the Intertribal Timber Council, 1998. Quote as in 2005 – 2014 Forest Management Plan.

The project management will increase carbon stocks relative to baseline harvesting activities by employing uneven-aged management (primarily through single-tree selection), monitoring timber stand improvement removals, and working with the BIA’s fire management fuels program. The project is an Improved Forest Management project type as defined by the Air Resource Board (ARB) Forest Offset Protocol (Forest Protocol).

The project offered FCO crews a unique chance to live in eastern Arizona for a few months and get to know the local forest ecosystem and local area.  We worked hard to complete the rigorous forest carbon inventory amid the extreme weather of the White Mountains.  We are available for the development of other forest carbon projects.


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