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PG&E Gas Transmission Vegetation Management: Pipeline Pathways Project

Vegetation Inventory on PG&E’s Gas Transmission Lines:

In the spring of 2014 Forester’s Co-Op managed three subcontractors to inventory vegetation along PG&E’s entire natural gas transmission pipeline system called the Pipeline Pathways program.  FCO was integral to the completion of the project, including:

  • Participating in a portion of the field survey
  • Training subcontractors
  • Refining data dictionaries
  • Developing and managing timelines
  • Providing QA/QC
  • Managing and preparing all collected field GPS/GIS data with the GISPro app for iPads
  • Managing mark and locate services for gas pipeline on-the-ground demarcation
  • Aggregating and summarizing GIS data

Within 4 months, crews had inventoried over 800 miles of pipeline.  The functionality of the iPad app has been integrated and customized for our subsequent contracts.  Inquire at info@forco-op.com for a description of the capabilities and customization of this app including real-time data collection, imagery caching, and direct shapefile transfer.

Here is an example of collected data:

PPP Screenshot