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Current Projects

Beidler Carbon Project Verification: FCO and Ruby Canyon traveled to South Carolina to begin the process of verifying the Beidler Improved Forest Management carbon project.  This is a CA ARB Early Action Offset Project under CAR Forest Protocol 3.1.

WMAT Carbon Project: FCO has completed field work for the Fall of 2012 on the White Mountain Apache Carbon Project.  We are currently providing support for data analysis and post-stratification.  We are also looking into the development of other forest carbon projects.

Timber Harvest Plan: We are embarking on new projects such as a timber harvest plan in Placer County.

Wildfire Risk Analysis: We are providing technical support for the SoCal Gas Company Aliso Canyon Turbine Replacement Project.

CFIP Projects: We have been working hard to write management plans and implement treatments on multiple CFIP projects in Nevada and Sierra Counties.  These projects involve a CALFIRE subsidy for small landowners to do fuels reduction work on their properties, such as brush mastication, tree pruning, and forest thinning.  A Registered Professional Forester (RPF) is required to participate in the CFIP program.  An informational flyer can be found here; more information on the CFIP program can be found on CALFIRE’s website here.

CA High Speed Rail: FCO has been coordinating with short-listed bidders for potential environmental consulting on the first leg of the CA High Speed Rail project.  The project’s official web page can be found here.

Who says winter is a forester’s downtime?!  Check out our projects page for more detailed descriptions of listed projects.

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