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Francis Beidler Improved Forest Management Project Verification

National Audubon Society Carbon Project Verification:

In the Fall of 2014 Forester’s Co-Op IMG_3769and Ruby Canyon Engineering traveled to South Carolina to begin the process of verifying the Blue Source – Francis Beidler Improved Forest Manage-ment Project.  A description of the project is listed on the Climate Action Reserve Project page:

The Blue Source – Beidler Improved Forest Management Project is located on 5,548 acres of land owned by the National Audubon Society in South Carolina. The project is dominated by native hardwood species (bald cypress, black gum, red maple, sweet gum, water oak) in uneven aged stands with a smaller component of native softwoods (loblolly, spruce, longleaf pine). The Project Area includes previously private and commercial forestlands. The majority of these lands were actively managed for timber production and harvested prior to the acquisition by Audubon. The region still has active timber operations occurring today, and no regulations or restrictions would have prevented the Owner from continuing timber harvests as of the Start Date. However, because the Owner conveyed a permanent conservation easement to the Natural Resources Conservation Service, no active management of the Project Area will occur and the property will be permanently conserved as forest.

While onsite, Forester’s Co-Op completed a sample of the permanent plots established in the Beidler Forest and worked with Ruby Canyon (as the Lead Verifier) toward verification requirements.  Our team verified the project under the CA Air Resources Program Early Action Offset Project Program utilizing the Climate Action Reserve US Forests Project Protocol, Version 3.1.  FCO assisted with the verification of the sampling, inventory methodology, and modeling requirements.

Working in the swamps of South Carolina and encountering cottonmouths was definitely a change of pace for FCO.