About Us

About Us

Our Mission Statement:

cropped Website edited SierraFCOCrewPicForester’s Co-Op is committed to enhancing our clients’ abilities to manage and restore natural resources in an economical and socially responsible manner.  Our multi-disciplinary, natural resource management team approach achieves and delivers the highest quality work products efficiently and on time.  Forester’s Co-Op’s ensures that all our services live up to the conservation-minded land ethics of our company through the utilization of sustainable practices for the stewardship of both our public and private natural resources.

All professional or technical services provided by Forester’s Co-Op are done so either through a mutually agreed and executed “Professional Forestry Service Agreement” or by way of another legal contractual agreement. Our service hourly rates are fairly priced and competitive. Prior to commencement for contracted services we require the payment of a retainer in advance. All legal contracts in which we are engaged shall stipulate the specific work products and the time frame in which they are to be completed. Monthly invoicing is our standard time frame of billing. A 12% per annum interest charge is applied to all unpaid balances.

Business Hours:
Our office is located at 415 Colfax Avenue in downtown Grass Valley. We are open for business Monday through Friday, 7:30AM to 5:00 PM pacific standard time. Clients and visitors are welcome at anytime, however to make the most of your valuable time, it is recommended that you call ahead for an appointment. During the field season (April through November), staff and field crews muster in the early morning hours at the office in preparation for the days work ahead. During this time, it is not uncommon to find our office closed during the day as we are getting things done in the woods.

Competitive Bids:
Forester’s Co-Op welcomes any and all opportunities to provide public agencies or private owners with comprehensive written proposals in a competitive project bid situation. Often we partner with other professionals to integrate our company’s experience and expertise with theirs so as to provide project proponents with the services they require.

Our company maintains in effect comprehensive auto and general liability, and errors and omission insurance coverage’s necessary to protect our clients from any and all risks involving the engagement of our professional and technical services.

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